Millennium Moms Tattoo Ink Review – An Insight Outlook

Are you looking for a complete Millennium Moms Tattoo Ink review to help you decide whether the brand is worth investing in? Then you have come to the right place.

We will provide you a better understanding of this marque and its place in the tattooing industry. Let’s get started!

Characteristics Of Moms Tattoo Ink Brand

In this Moms Tattoo Ink review, we will introduce you to the top features of the brand that are worth knowing:


The ingredients are the factor that determines the standards for safety. With the reputation of producing the safest, 100% vegan-friendly tattoo products, you can feel free to shop without worrying about whether this type of ink contains harmful chemical ingredients or not.

The list of the main ingredient of tattoo inks include:

  • Water
  • Glycerin
  • Pigment carbon black or tattoo inks colors
  • Isopropyl Alcohol 99% at 11.5%

As you can see, the primary ingredients are all safe to use and won’t cause any skin problems, including irritations. However, if you are concerned about customers with sensitive skin, you might want to get advice from doctors and experienced tattoo artists before purchasing.

Ink Texture


Amazing work in progress tattoo by @momstattooink Sponsored Artist @juninhotattoosp – the tattoo you see here was done using only Mom’s Ink!!

Most of Moms products are on the medium scale in terms of texture consistency. They do not clog the tattoo equipment or the container and still do not run under a line.

However, the thickness might not satisfy some professional artists out there. So overall, the consistency is more about personal choice since there is no one-size-fits-all in the tattooing industry or creative field in general.

Color Tattoo Ink Options


Awesome tattoo by @sergiorodrigues using @momstattooink

Aside from the design, color is the vital yet usually overlooked factor of the tattoo supplies. Do you want to go for a classic black or a more colorful tattoo ink to show your taste?

With its wide variety of color options, Moms can ensure satisfaction for any professional tattoo artist out there. It brings you over 100 different shades and brightest colors to maximize your choices.

You can easily find an array of options: from traditional, vivid colors such as pitch black, brite white, or light green to more vibrant and brighter colors like invisible fallout, Bahama blue, canary yellow, ect.

User’s Safety

If you consider getting yourself a product from this reputable company, you must be wondering, “Is technical tattoo supply safe to use?” We have the answer for you.

Any tattoo professionals can tell you that not only do the colors show up bright and clear, but they are also very safe to use. Since they contain organic ingredients, you can set your mind at rest that they won’t do any harm to your customers’ health.

The products are extracted pigments from logwood, meaning they don’t include heavy metals like aluminum, mercury, arsenic, etc. Thus, you won’t have to worry about skin diseases while using these 100% vegan-friendly tattoo ink.


Typically, a simple average bottle can cost you anywhere from 3 to 40 dollars per fluid ounce (fl. oz), depending on the bottle’s size and manufacturer.

This ink producer offers high-quality tattoo ink products at such an affordable price range. The starting point is only at 5 dollars and makes the way up to 20 dollars per fl. oz, perfect for those who are just starting their tattooing journey with a limited budget.

The products also come in set options. The price for each set relies on how many bottles there are and the bottle’s volume, which starts at 50 dollars.

Brand’s Pros And Cons


  • Diverse colors and shades options
  • Safe ingredients, vegan-friendly, no animal testing or animal byproducts
  • Offer pre-dispersed tattoo inks
  • Suitable for artist of all levels
  • Ideal for a wide variety of applications
  • Long-lasting azo pigment life
  • Provide UV tattoo ink that only visible under the black lights
  • Appropriate for every skin tone and skin type
  • Reputable company with distributors around the world


  • Long drying process
  • Not appropriate to use as permanent makeup 

Top Highlight Product Recommendations

Here are some of our highlight Millennium Moms Tattoo Ink review that will help you find your dream product:

1. Moms Black Onyx Tattoo Ink – Best Quality


Moms Black Onyx Tattoo Ink

One of the most high-quality products coming from this popular tattoo ink brand is the Black Onyx. This best tattoo black ink is more than ideal for the stick and pokes styling method.

It provides the richest color and dark pigment, which helps show off the colors of tattoo inks. What a real deal for black tattoo enthusiasts!

Moms products somehow manage to bring out the dark, deep black as when first applied even after healing, a common problem that you often encounter with other brands of tattoo supplies.

How To Use

  • Shake the bottle before you pour it;
  • Cover the bottle tip with a paper towel while opening and closing to avoid spilling;
  • Pour out the amount of liquid you want to use;
  • Mix it with distilled water for a better consistent flow rate.


  • Ideal for stick and pokes method
  • Strong pigment
  • Suitable for beginners


  • Small bottle

2. Moms Black Pearl Tattoo Ink – Best For Strong Black Pigment

This one is ideal for every type of tattoo method, from outlining with a rotary tattoo machine to performing stick and poke. It comes in a 12-oz bottle that is enough for you to create beautiful artworks of all sizes.


Moms Black Pearl Outlining Tattoo Ink

This Pearl line works wonderfully for lining, gray wash tattooing, or mixing washes. The pigment loads are very dark and rich, delivering every detail of the design clearly and gorgeously with the true color on the skin.

The texture can be a bit thin; some even say it is watery, which is not necessarily a downside since every artist has a personal preference.

How To Use

  • Shake the bottle before you pour it;
  • Put a paper towel over the bottle tip for easier opening and closing;
  • Pour out enough amount of ink to the cap;
  • No need to mix it with mixing solutions.


  • Ideal for all tattoo methods
  • Dark pigment loads
  • Big size bottle


  • A bit too thin texture for some artists

3. Moms Blackout Tattoo Ink – Best Flow Rate

The Blackout line is the go-to option in terms of flow rate. It is suitable for shading and lettering due to its appropriate thickness.


Moms Blackout Tattoo Ink

You can effortlessly line even the smallest details on complicated designs such as tribal or wild patterns. The texture is very lightweight, making it easier for the liquid to penetrate and settle beautifully under the skin.

As thin as it is, the product still has stickiness so that the rotary tattoo machines can hold it well during the tattooing process. Suppose you want to find a black tattoo ink with extreme dark color; this one is the one to keep in mind.

How To Use

  • Shake the bottle before you pour it;
  • Put a paper towel over the bottle tip when opening and closing;
  • Pour out the amount of ink you want to use;
  • Mix it with distilled water to create a softer tone and thickness (optional).


  • Smooth flow rate
  • Suitable for shading and lining
  • Lightweight texture


  • Slow-drying time

4. Moms Portrait Combo Set Tattoo Ink – Best Palette Set

This set is an excellent choice for those who want to have a vibrant color palette for experimenting. It includes lots of radiant colors to maximize your creativity, such as bellbottom blue, lime green, Samurai white, canary yellow, atomic green, blue smoke, and other primary colors.


Moms Portrait Combo Set Tattoo Ink

The pure organic pigment content and vegetable dyes allow you to have fun with the wide range of bright tattoo colors and ensure your work will stand out. The homogenized pigment dispersion flows easily while applying, perfect for lining and shading.

Unlike other regular tattoo ink companies, the vivid tones of these tattoo ink makers will be the same as they were on day one and remain long after application.

How To Use

  • Shake the bottle before you pour it for separation;
  • Put a paper towel over the bottle tip when opening and closing;
  • Pour out the amount of product you want to use;
  • Dipping the machine to the colors you want to mix the colors.


  • Wide color variations
  • Vegan-friendly
  • Strong, vivid pigments


  • Not suitable for permanent makeup

Comparison With Other Popular Brands

Moms Ink Vs. Dynamic Inks


Moms Ink Vs. Dynamic Inks

These two are the most popular tattoo ink manufacturers in the tattoo industry. The Moms brand has the upper hand compared to Dynamic in color variations-wise. Still, the Dynamic white ink line proved to be slightly better than the former.

In terms of safety regulations, the items from these marques are made of organic compounds and vegetable dyes so that you can use them with no worries. Yet, Dynamic works a bit better in reducing irritations since Moms can still cause discomfort if your customer has extremely sensitive skin.

Although both brands are in the same affordable price range, the Dynamic tattoo ink is a bit pricier. Thus, we can agree that Moms has the best price of ink supplies suitable for everyone.

Moms Ink Vs. Intenze Tattoo Ink


Moms Ink Vs. Intenze Tattoo Ink

Both brands produce the standard quality vegan tattoo inks that say no to animal byproducts and animal testing. None of the products contains heavy metals, meaning they are safe enough to reach any health standards.

The packaging can be a factor to consider, although it is overlooked quite often. An elegant and cute packaging can light up your day. In this case, Moms is the better choice since Intenze’s packaging is quite boring.

Moreover, when it comes to money, Moms has better advantages since its price point is cheaper than Intenze, being the more economic choice for beginners and low-experienced artists.

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There you have our opinions about the brand after reading this Millennium Moms Tattoo Ink Review. Now you can understand why it is on our tattoo ink top list for the most reliable and best quality standard brands.

Hopefully, you will find the safest tattoo ink that matches your exact standard after careful consideration.

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