What Is The Queen Of Spade Tattoo Meaning?

The Queen of Spades tattoo is an old-time favorite with a deep and interesting meaning. It has been around for decades, and its popularity continues to this day. 

Do you know the significance behind this design? If not, don’t worry! In this blog post, we will explore the various Queen of Spade tattoo meanings. Hopefully, this post provides you with a better understanding. Let’s take a peek!

What Is The Queen Of Spade Tattoo Meaning?

Queen of Spade tattoo meaning

This tattoo’s meaning is a mystery. However, there are many different perspectives on what it could mean, and we’re going to explore those now!

God Related Meaning 

The Queen of Spades is a deck designed to represent the gods and goddesses in Greek mythology. It also stands for one specific goddess, Pallas Athene. She’s known as “the virgin clear skies”, which alludes more specifically to just being wise or strong.

Sexual Meaning 

This design has now been well-known. It resembles the famous card deck with spade symbols and has the letter “Q” on them. 


This tattoo on white women’s lower backs indicates that they are sexually available to black men. If the word “Tramp Stamp” is written next to it, this means she was once a prostitute with active sex life under Bull or Owner’s domination. 

If there are names next to her tattoos, it indicates that she is his sole property. He doesn’t share the woman with any other man. What about no name? He wants other men to join in training her for a more pleasurable sexual experience.

What’s more, white women only accept to have such tattoos if she is completely dedicated to the Black Bull, no matter if she is in a marriage or not. At this point, it becomes clear that condoms are no longer in use. Still, she would use them with other black lovers to avoid STDs.

The woman with this tattoo is expected to commit herself fully by being black-owned. This means she cannot use birth control when having sex with men in this category. 27% of white women who get this tattoo become pregnant within one year, and 63% of them give mixed-race children during the second year.

Spiritual Guidance Meaning 

The Spades’ card suit has a variety of meanings, but one that stands out is intuition and personal power. They can also symbolize enlightenment as well as spiritual guidance from otherworldly forces.

The Queen of Spades is a card that can represent your desire looking for an answer. Perhaps you’ve been looking for something, or even when it’s found, you don’t think the search will stop yet.

The Spades’ card

The meaning of this design is often understood as the true path concept of anyone through life. When reading tarot, this card represents choosing decisions depending on what’s available at hand. The consequences for taking an incorrect turn can be devastating. Hence, it’s important not only to think about your options but also to make a wise choice!

What Are Some Designs Of The Queen Of Spades Tattoo? 

What does it look like? Well, the design can come in many different colors and shapes! Scroll down to get some unique designs!

Real Queen Of Spades Tattoo


The Queen of Spades tattoo is a simple design that can be applied to the skin in many different ways. Get the letter Q inside or out, whichever you prefer! If a fair-skinned hubby sees his wife with this particular inking, he would have personally worried, though.

Red Q Spade Tattoo

Are you desiring to get a Q Spade tattoo? We won’t stop you! But if your mind is set on getting one, know that it should be simple and subtle. A straightforward ‘Q’ with some detailing around its borders would work nicely as the thigh or shoulder decoration. 


You can have the traditional black ink on your body to create such a beautiful design! Still, if you choose to place it on your finger, be aware that it would hurt you more than expected.

Ornamental Q Spades Tattoo


Here is a perfect design for any skin tone! The ornamental ink and shading just give this image such an extra touch of beauty. Some people like to get traditional black drawings on their skin. 

Such designs can show off how much you like males. Also, due to the small size, the placement option of this design can be quite diverse!

Traditional Queen Of Spades Tattoo


You can get a whole card printed on your body, too. There are so many intricate details in this card’s original design. Yet, on your skin, it’s even more amazing. Complexity may cost more, but everyone can’t say no to this unique design, especially those who love playing cards.

Old School Queen Of SpadesTattoo



Old School Queen Of SpadesTattoo

The old days of playing cards were simpler and more beautiful. The Queen of Spades has always been a card that can be either good or bad. Let’s ignore all those meanings about bad luck for a more traditional design choice!

Artistic Queen Of Spades Tattoo



If you’ve been looking for a unique take on the classic design, look no further. It features an artistic take on a standard playing card that will have you looking as unique inking-wise as your design!

It’s also the best option for a dangerous woman who wants to go all out with style! The design has all shades in brick red, but you can swap them out if that’s not what you’re looking for.

Majesty Queen Of Spades Tattoo




This drawing is a spectacular design with many details for your eyes to focus on. The two-colored inks make the design even more stunning! If that inverted skeleton image didn’t hook you, there’s no hope left.

Wrapping Up

The Queen of Spades tattoo has a deep meaning in the game of cards, where it is often associated with power and intelligence. You can also find many different variations in interpretation for this powerful design. 

We hope you have enjoyed our blog post on the Queen of Spade tattoo meaning! If you’re interested in getting one yourself, check out some of the recommended designs above!

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