Scarab Tattoo Meaning – Mystical Ancient Egypt

It is believed that the ancient Egyptians had tattoos on their bodies to protect them from harm. They wore these tattoos as amulets and were also used as talismans to ward off evil spirits. 

The scarab was one of their most popular symbols, which is why it is often chosen for tattooing purposes today. When someone gets a Scarab Tattoo, they connect with this rich history and honor those who came before them. 

Have you ever seen a scarab tattoo and wondered what its meaning was? Scarabs are actually beetles, but in ancient Egyptian culture, they were considered symbols of rebirth. 

Our post will help you further understand the scarab tattoo meaning by digging into its origins. Scroll down!

What Is The Scarab Tattoo Meaning?

Beetle drawings stemmed from Ancient Egypt when people regarded this species as sacred. It’s this historical origin that makes people want to mark this black insect on their skin.

Source: Jim Champion

The characteristics of these scarab tattoos vary differently depending on each culture. In Egyptian culture, the Sun God Ra rolled the Sun each day to provide life for all living things on earth. This idea translates into how dung beetles roll their balls with dung inside- preserving what they need while providing enough space to lay new offspring.

That’s also why people take divine resurrection as a sign of scarab tattoos. The act of beetles hatched from that dung ball is considered a self-creation that is done spontaneously. Therefore, people compare that aspect of beetles to Ra’s creative force.

According to history, the young Sun God, Khepri reborn every morning at sunrise as a scarab beetle with wings. He then rose to the sky, bringing life and life to human land.

Scarab Tattoo Meaning – Mystical Ancient Egypt

People who have or are intending to get a scarab tattoo must be keeping such an idea in mind. They might be aiming for the meaning of a new chance every other morning, a chance of growth and rebirth. That the last day should be left in our past.

Besides, when used as jewelry, the wings spreading beetles or hawk-like beetles talisman or amulet bear the meaning of protecting the owner from evil. It also represents the owner’s hope for resurrection. 

Egyptian Scarab Tattoo Designs

The beetle or scarab, for that matter, is a significant tattoo design. They come in many different shapes and sizes, depending on what the wearer wants them to represent. Whether it is Egyptian-themed artwork with traditional poses drawn from ancient times up through today’s society or modern-day style, which can be anything you want it to be!

Just make sure that you don’t pursue it because it is a recent trend. When choosing a scarab tattoo, consider your favorite shape, line, and color. Remember that different skin tones can affect the tattoo tone, and each area on your body carries a unique meaning.  

Scarab Tattoo Designs

If you’re not sure what to choose, the Internet can provide you with a wide range of ideas. It’s ok if these available ones don’t fit you, you can still get inspired by them. Then, work with your tattoo artist, he will lead you in creating your special design. 

Here I’ve listed all the basic elements in scarab design:

  • Winged scarab tattoo
  • Plain scarab
  • Metallic scarab
  • Scarab moving an image of the Sun
  • Scarab-head human
  • Jewel on scarab
  • Pyramid and scarab

More Scarab Tattoo Ideas

Geometric Scarab Tattoos
Hand Scarab Tattoos
Traditional Scarab Cystal Eye
Stomach Scarab Tattoos


Leg Scarab Tattoos
Dotwork Scarab Bettle Mens Upper Back Tattoo Designs
Incredible Geometric-Scarab Mens Full Back
Sleeve Scarab Tattoos
Tricep Scarab Tattoos
Forearm Scarab Tattoos For Men
Scarab Tattoos
Scarab bettle upper chest tattoo


Forearm Scarab Tattoos
Scarab beetle tattoo on back

What Is The Use Of Heart Scarab?

There is one special meaning of a particular scarab design – heart scarab. This design is often used during funerals as something that guides us to our afterlife.  

Many religions believe that we must earn our way to our afterlife, and the heart scarab can do such jobs in two ways.

In the first case, when our soul travels to the Judgement’s Hall, it will weigh our hearts. If your heart is lighter than a Ma’at’s feather, Ammit will take away your soul. Here, the Heart Scarab will replace your heart, so your soul won’t be taken.


The second scenario is when our soul meets the final judgment, we have to answer various questions from the underworld’s gods. At that time, many people were illiterate, they would fail to answer these questions even if the priest left the answers written down in their tombs. 

Therefore, they find an alternative solution to that. The priest will read them all to the scarab, then kill and mummify it. Next, they will stick it in the deceased ear. This way, the scarab holds all required answers for the deceased to pass the final test. 

The heart scarab also acts as a spell that prevents our heart from speaking against our soul when judged by Osiris. The spell indicates that the heart won’t oppose the soul in front of the Great Court or the Balance’s Keeper.


The scarab beetle tattoo meaning is an ancient symbol of prosperity, rebirth, and transformation. It’s also a popular tattoo design among today’s generation because it has many meanings relevant to the modern world. 

People who want to transform their life or find enlightenment can be drawn to this type of tattoo design. Conversely, those looking for protection may gravitate towards other types of designs with different symbolic meanings, like the heart scarab. 

Regardless of what you’re hoping to achieve through your new ink art project, we hope these insights have helped answer any questions you had about Scarab tattoos!

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