25 Semicolon Butterfly Tattoo Meaning & Designs for Woman

If you are a fan of tattooing, semicolon butterfly designs should be no stranger to you. Not only are these pictures applicable to both men and women, but they also hold significant connotations that mark them as one of the most popular tattoo choices.

So, what is the semicolon butterfly tattoo meaning? Are there any other variations in case you want a slightly different symbol on your skin? The answers to these questions will be addressed right away!

What Is The Meaning Of Semicolon Butterfly Tattoos?

Semicolon tattoo with butterfly wings meaning

A semicolon butterfly tattoo consists of two parts, namely a semicolon and at least a butterfly. Both of the two elements pride themselves on having an uplifting and meaningful backstory.

The semicolon has been associated with mental health ever since the introduction of Project Semicolon. Founded in 2013, this NGO advocates for the removal of stigmas regarding mental disorders, the legitimacy of licensed mental health professionals, and the preventions of suicide attempts. 

As a result, a semicolon represents the fight and struggle of those being subject to addiction, depression, PTSD, panic attacks, self-injury, self-harm, and all ailments classified as psychological issues.

But having a semicolon tattoo does not necessarily mean the wearer is suffering from such illnesses. This symbol can simply be regarded as a way for bystanders to show their support towards the cause. 

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Next up, let’s have a look at the butterfly. Generally speaking, butterflies are best known for their feminine and mesmerizing appearances. They are gorgeous to look at and mate only once during their entire livelihood, making it an emblem of love, loyalty, and beauty. 

From a spiritual viewpoint, butterflies are the definition of resurrection and rebirth. The painful transition from a caterpillar to a butterfly turns the latter into an image of resilience and eventually fruitful outcomes.

When combined together, a semicolon and a butterfly focus on the journey of mentally ill patients. These two tokens illustrate the long, arduous path that people have to walk through as they break free from their dark, shadowy past to a content, happy and calm present. 

Such a design is also utilized by trauma survivors since it serves as a testament to their strong will.

While the semicolon butterfly tattoo meaning is deep and layered, you can always have it inked on your skin without fully understanding the connotations. 


For some people, especially women, semicolon butterfly tattoos are small, intricate, and available for customization. This allows them to come up with a unique combination of the two elements, showing their personalities and preferences subtlely. 

That is not to mention how the semicolon butterfly tattoos tend to be small-sized. As a result, they can fit perfectly on discrete or limited body parts such as the wrists, behind the ears, ankles, fingers, etc.

Semicolon Butterfly Tattoo Variations

If you enjoy having semicolon butterfly tatoos and would like to engrave several similar designs on your skin, you might want to consider the following options.

Semicolon cat tattoo

What is more lovely than a cat’s head resting comfortably over a semicolon? For cat lovers, such an intimate tattoo shows their links and connections with the mischievious pet. 

For those believing in myths, cats are the spiritual guardians of the worlds beyond the earth, as well as a symbol of mystery and luck. 

Semicolon anchor tattoo

Anchors are used to describe durability, determination, strength, and stability. Their uplifting meaning makes a perfect addition to semicolons, as they speak for the endurance of mentally ill people. 

Furthermore, a semicolon anchor tattoo represents fresh starts, hopes, and dreams. Therefore, people who have just come out of a harrowing experience use this design to express their inner wishes. 

Semicolon dreamcatcher tattoo

Dreamcatchers are widely known as a filter used to ward off nightmares and channel positive energy towards the sleepers. When added alongside a semicolon, the duo can be associated with harmony, balance, and duality. 

Semicolon heart tattoo

Hearts are the universal expression of love, human connections, and affection. If drawn with a semicolon, the heart may refer to the importance of self-love and how it helps patients with mental disorders overcome their hardships. 

Another popular interpretation of semicolon heart tattoos is their being a tribute to a particular person. This person’s adoration and support towards the wearer are what makes them capable of handling their troubling past. 

Semicolon panda tattoo

Chinese people regard pandas as the animals of luck, cuteness, and peace. A subtle semicolon panda tattoo signifies a positive, refreshing attitude and the readiness to embrace the world.

Semicolon bird tattoo

Birds have a wide range of connotations depending on their species. For phoenixes, it is all about rising from the ashes and a cycle of life. Swallows are a tribute to freedom and home guidance. Doves are the symbol of innocence and purity.

Having a semicolon bird tattoo can mean various things to the wearer, but there is one thing for sure. Their multilayered implications help make the semicolon tattoos more personal and reflective.

Semicolon dragonfly tattoo

Dragonflies are linked with bravery, strength, joviality, and positivity. They are a flying species that values independence and soaring ambitions.

For people prone to mental health issues, a semicolon dragonfly tattoo urges them to keep going despite all difficulties. 


The semicolon butterfly tattoo meaning is deep and substantial. If you intend on having one of these gorgeous designs on your skin, make sure you learn about their history first. 

And do not forget to share this guideline with other tattoo-lovers should you find the information helpful!

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