Snake Tattoo Meaning: What Do Snake Tattoos Symbolize?

In recent years, snake tattoos have become a popular motif in the tattoo industry for many good reasons. They are often associated with skulls, roses, daggers, feathers, moons, phoenixes, and more.

Many people believe that snake tattoos have sinister connotations. However, they are also associated with positive traits for different cultures around the world. Today, we will talk about snake tattoo meaning in some cultures. Let’s get into the details!

What Do Snake Tattoos Represent?

Snakes are reptiles that have evolved since the age of the dinosaurs. Whether they are considered good or evil, they always represent a variety of symbols and meanings.

1. Danger

As we all know, some snakes are venomous. However, even without venom, they are still intelligent predators. Therefore, they are symbols of strength and danger.

2.  Strength And Power

As mentioned above, snakes are reptiles that have evolved since prehistoric times. In religion, they are animals from the Garden of Eden.

3. Healing And Rebirth

Snakes can shed their own skin, making them a symbol of rebirth, transformation, change, or healing.

4. Fertility

For many cultures, the snake is a symbol of creative life force and fertility.

5. Temptation

According to the Christian Bible, in the story of Adam and Eve, a serpent tempted Eve with a forbidden apple, which was the cause of the original sin. That’s the reason why snakes symbolize temptation.

6. Wisdom And Knowledge 

Snakes are wise predators. Thus, the snake, no doubt, is a symbol of wisdom and knowledge.

7. Reincarnation

The image of a snake eating its tail, also known as Ouroboros, is a symbol that represents eternity, or death and rebirth. This symbol can also represent the changing seasons of life.

8. Sin Or Dark Side

According to Christianity, snakes represent sin. In addition, snake tattoos also represent the dark side of life.

What Does Each Type of Snake Represent?

1. Rattlesnake

Rattlesnakes possess lightning-fast strikes; So it symbolizes power and killing. In addition, the rattle also represents death.

2. Cobra

The cobra is the most venomous snake and also the most revered. For example, in India, they are considered sacred to the natives. What’s more, in Egyptian culture, it represents some ancient gods.

In most cultures, the cobra is a symbol of power and domination. 

3. Viper

Vipers are extremely dangerous snakes; They also have different meanings.

  • Young vipers represent children who conspire against their parents.
  • In the 16th century, they symbolized a woman ready to destroy men with lust.

4. Python

For many religions in Africa, the python is considered a sacred and revered animal. In Nigeria, killing a python is prohibited; Violators are often subject to very severe penalties.

Snake Tattoo Meanings In Different Cultures

1. Aztec Snake Tattoos

Head of feathered serpent quetzalcoatl aztec tattoo on chest for men

The Aztec Snake Tattoo usually has many blocks, representing stones, which form the head and mouth of the snake. Besides, this stone snake usually has a hat with feathers on the back.

The Aztec snake tattoo symbolizes energy, rebirth, power, and wisdom.

The Aztecs worshiped the God Quetzalcoatl, which means “precious snake.”

He was the most important god to them. Therefore, there is no doubt that the Quetzalcoatl tattoo is also a symbol of strength and wisdom.


2. Japanese Snake Tattoos

A snake symbolizes a bad omen for many people; However, Japanese snake tattoos have a different meaning. Specifically, for the Japanese, these tattoos mean good luck!

Recipients see snakes as guardians of treasure. That is why a Japanese snake tattoo is considered to bring you good luck in terms of wealth; Moreover, it can protect your wealth. Besides, these tattoos also represent knowledge.

A snake symbolizes a bad omen for many people; However, Japanese snake tattoos have a different meaning

3. Chinese Snake Tattoos 

For the Chinese, snakes represent mystery. Therefore, the Chinese snake tattoo shows that you are unpredictable who likes your privacy. In addition, these tattoos also symbolize luck, a happy and prosperous life.

4. Snake Tattoos Meaning in Hinduism

The ancient Indians were terrified of snakes. However, they also have respect for this animal. 

According to Hinduism, God Indra can control all snakes; The god Vasuki is considered the king of snakes.

In Hindu culture, fart tattoos have many meanings. For example, they can symbolize infinity, kundalini energy, desire, unhappiness, and more.

5. Snake Tattoo Meaning in Christianity

According to Christians, snakes represent cunning; This was shown in the Bible, where it tempted Eve with a forbidden apple. Snake tattoos symbolize the fight against evil.

6. Snake Tattoos Meaning in Norse Mythology

Norse mythology mentions a terrible snake named Jormungandr; It is so immense that it can swallow the whole earth. Snake tattoos show that you believe in this myth and that the world will end.

**This video about Jörmungandr: The Great Serpent Of Norse Mythology**

7. Greek Mythology Snake Tattoos

In Greek mythology, the snake is a symbol of the adversities of life and temporality. The Greeks also used snake motifs in many of their decorations, such as funerary decorations.

8. Tribal Snake Tattoos 

The meaning of the Tribal snake tattoo is very diverse; Depending on the culture it represents, it can be anything such as life cycle, protection, power, evil, or intelligence.

Tribal snake tattoo ideas for mens

10 Unique Snake Tattoo Ideas 2022

1.  Snake & Rose Tattoo

The combination of a snake and a rose creates an irresistible allure. The rose is something that represents love, while the snake represents romantic temptation. They are great for a traditional or Gothic art style.


The combination of a snake and a rose creates an irresistible allure

2.  Small Snake Tattoo

A small snake tattoo is a perfect pick for those who prefer simplicity and privacy. Because of its small size, it is perfect for places like your hands, fingers, or behind your ears.


A small snake tattoo is a perfect pick for those who prefer simplicity and privacy



3. Simple Snake Tattoo

The most significant advantage of a simple snake tattoo is its versatility. Despite its simple design, it will still look great when paired with a unique art style. This tattoo is suitable for those who like minimalism or do not want to spend too much time tattooing.


4. Snake & Skull Tattoo


A snake and skull tattoo is ideal for those who want to stand out from the crowd. This tattoo also has different meanings. Some say it symbolizes poison or death, while others believe it represents the endless cycle of life, death, and rebirth. On the other hand, the image of a snake in the eye of a skull can also represent knowledge.


A snake and skull tattoo is ideal for those who want to stand out from the crowd


5. Snake Eating Itself Tattoo

As mentioned above, the image of the snake eating itself is called Ouroboros; It symbolizes the infinite or the cycle of life, death, and rebirth. This tattoo is suitable for many different places, such as the chest, arm, or back.

This tattoo symbolizes the infinite or the cycle of life, death, and rebirth

6. Snake Wrapped Around a Sword Tattoo

This exciting tattoo has many meanings. A sword symbolizes courage and strength, while a snake symbolizes wisdom and fertility. The combination of the two symbolizes bravery or protection of life.

The combination of a sword and a snake symbolizes wise bravery or protection of life

7. Snake Skeleton Tattoo

Animal skeleton tattoos typically make you cool and unusual; a snake skeleton tattoo is no exception. So, if you are interested in unique tattoos, give them a try. This tattoo looks great when placed on your arm, biceps, or shoulder.

Animal skeleton tattoos typically make you cool and unusual; a snake skeleton tattoo is no exception

8. Traditional Tribal Snake Tattoo

These tattoos are common in many different cultures. They are inspired by the natural world, including animals and plants. Tattooists need to use black ink and solid lines to create intricate patterns. They can be adjusted to fit a variety of positions.

Traditional tribal snake tattoo inspired by the natural world, including animals and plants

9. Snake & Moon Tattoo 

Can snakes and moons combine?

The short answer is yes. The fact of the matter is that there are many ways to design this pattern.

In terms of meaning, the moon symbolizes mystery, while the snake symbolizes sinisterness and mysteriousness. Hence, the snake & moon tattoo indicates that evil always has a way into your life, and you must always be on guard.

This tattoo indicates that evil always has a way into your life, and you must always be on guard.

10. Dragon & Snake Tattoo

The combination of snakes and dragons seems odd. However, it makes a lot of sense. Basically, both represent strength, mysticism, and fear. There are many designs based on this inspiration; They can look like they are fighting with each other, wrapped around each other, or their bodies can be joined together.

Also, in many cultures, dragon tattoos represent majesty and wild ambition, while snake tattoos represent a cunning and rational mind. Therefore, the combination of these animals will create balance.

The combination of snakes and dragons seems odd; However, it makes a lot of sense.

Snake Tattoo Placement

There are no specific regulations on tattoo placement. That means snake tattoos can be placed on any part of the body, depending on its size. 

Specifically, small tattoos are ideal for places like the neck, wrist, and face. Larger tattoos are usually placed on the shoulders, biceps, or back. Giant tattoos, such as those inspired by pythons, are often applied to the whole body, extending from the ribs to the legs.



Overall, snake tattoos have become famous for many good reasons.

Snakes can be scary animals for many people. However, through this article, we have proven that they can be a meaningful symbol. Also, snake tattoo meaning is very varied, depending on the culture. Moreover, they can be transformed into a lot of variations to suit both men and women.

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