Solong Tattoo Ink Review: A Go-To Practice Set For Beginners

For those who are yet to know, Solong is a 14-year-old tattoo supply brand from China, but that doesn’t imply much about its product quality. If you are looking for a new ink set to buy and considering Solong, you should experience it yourself or read our Solong tattoo ink review.

This post will provide you with an overview of Solong company and its Solong Tattoo Ink Set 54 Complete Colors Pigment Kit. Most importantly, you will learn what you should and should not expect from this product, as well as why we say it’s suitable for beginners.

Solong Tattoo Ink Review (Set 54 Complete Colors Pigment)

Solong Set 54 Complete Colors Pigment Kit

1. Brand overview

Solong, officially known as Solong Tattoo Supply, is a China-based manufacturer of supplies for tattooing. Its factory was first founded in 2008 by Jack Wang, who has been in the industry for over a decade. 

Their products include tattoo ink, machines, needle cartridges, Solong Kit for tattooing, accessories, and other supplies for tattoo artists. A kit consists of quality equipment, including sterile tattoo needles, rubber bands, clips cord, and more.

As of 2022, Solong has more than 300 members, including 40 designers and engineers. It has an in-house Research and Development department, allowing the company to design, customize, and innovate its own machines. 

The brand’s products like tattoo machines and needle cartridges are all certified, meeting EU standards (CE test), Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), and approved by the FDA.

When buying tattoo ink at this brand, you get a 12-month warranty, return and refund policy. You will also benefit from its proven fast-shipping service even if you are in the US or EU countries because there are Solong warehouses there. 

On top of that, there is a blog section on the company’s website where you can find useful content to dive into before buying supplies for tattooing, such as a aftercare guide and buying guide for beginners.

2. Product overview

Solong Tattoo Ink Set 54 Complete Colors Pigment Kit is a set of pigment colors, providing a full set of colors for artists. 

The ink comes in 54 different bottles, 5 ml per bottle. According to the product description, the actual product packaging measures 7.87 x 5.12 x 3.94 inches and weighs 1.32 pounds. There aren’t any ingredient lists though.

Each color comprises various shades. For example, green comes in grasshopper green, lime green, seafoam, dark green, dragon green, light green, and hunter green. It’s the same for other colors.

Apart from that, there are baby blue, dark brown, medium brown, snow-white opaque, true black, lemon yellow, etc.

The manufacturer claims the product to be professional pigment colors, not to fade, and be completely soluble in water.

The ink is completely soluble, allowing for easy mixing

3. Product review

The Solong Tattoo Ink Set has a high proportion of 5-star rating comments with a lot of positive feedback from users. 

The ink set is appreciated for offering a wide range of colors. It allows artists to mix and create various other shades for their work. The fact that they are completely soluble helps with easy, efficient blending, producing a smooth mixture. 

It’s also great if you need a little bit of everything because each color is offered in a small amount of 5 ml only. Besides, having small bottles means you can buy the set to fill in your existing set that lacks or run out of some colors. 

It’s worth noting that the package is supposed to feature 54 different colors, but a few buyers receive some bottles of the same color. This may not be a problem if the overlapped colors are commonly used ones like black.

The colors of this paint set look beautiful once they’re absorbed into the skin. They are nice, bright, vibrant, and produce a smooth shading finish. It’s safe to say that the product offers decent quality for the price.

Nice colors on the skin

When it comes to the ink quality, you could expect it to absorb well into the skin, creating stunning work. Not just that, the product doesn’t fade easily, so you don’t have to worry about losing color within a month or more after the work is done. It stays on your skin.

Just like every other product from this brand, all pigments in this set are sterilized by gamma rays. It has to meet EU standards, MSDS, certified for use. With that in mind, there’s nothing to worry about the safety level of this Solong ink set. 

The downside of this product, something to keep in mind before making a purchase decision, is that the Solong tattoo ink may not be the best to use on actual skin.

To be specific, some users report infection and skin irritation after getting tattooed with this paint. While most users have no problem with the ink, you should keep this in mind if you have sensitive skin.

That said, the item is great for beginners who are practicing their skills on pads and fake skin. 

Furthermore, if you plan to get a full sleeve, such small bottles won’t be enough for your use.

All things considered, the Solong tattoo ink set 54 colors is great for new artists who want to practice on fake skin. It’s affordable, diverse in color options, and has a long life span. On the other hand, skin sensitivity should be taken into account before using it on human skin.

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  • Helpful for shading of color variants
  • Not dry out fast
  • Good quality for the price range
  • Fast shipping


  • The bottle too small for the main colors
  • It may be unsuitable for actual skin



For new tattoo artists, the Solong Tattoo Ink Set 54 Complete Colors Pigment Kit offers great value. If you want to practice your tattooing skills and mixing colors, the set can be your go-to choice.

However, our Solong tattoo ink review pointed out that the bottles in this set are all tiny. At 5 ml per bottle, you will likely use up fast, especially the basic colors. Therefore, take your desired volume into account before buying this ink set.

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