Solong Tattoo Kit Review in 2022 – Is it worth buying?

In terms of a high-quality tattoo machine kit with premium machines and other quality tattoo equipment, this Solong Tattoo Kit review allows you to find out about our top suggestion – Solong Tattoo Kit.

Regardless of you being a beginner or a professional tattoo artist, this kit has the power to create fine lining and shading for different types of tattoos on real skin to improve your skills through practice.

You can trust that this tattoo kit manufacturer comes from an established and well-trusted company. Thus, this is the low-price but premium kit you need to own to move further in the tattoo industry.

Solong Tattoo Kit Review – Highlight Features

Getting to know the product description of the Solong Tattoo Kit with its variety of tattoo supplies is the most important. Here is the highlight feature list of the coil tattoo machine kit Solong in detail.

Solong Tattoo Kit Review – Is it the Starter Kit You’ve Been Looking For?

– Tattoo coil machines

There is a total of 4 similar tattoo machine guns for liner and shader in the starter tattoo kit, all of which are built from durable materials. Their shell features handcraftsmanship from premium carbon steel.

This tattoo wrap coil machine is manual with an improved design, weighing only 250g, and is easy for beginners to handle. They enable a smooth transition from a tattoo on paper to human skin.

Because the machine performs well both for lining and shading, the results are likely high precision tattoos. We advise you to make use of these devices and practice for real skin application.

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– Digital power supply

Solong Brand Special Power Supply
Solong Brand Special Power Supply

Not many tattoo accessories sets on the market offer a strong LCD power supply, so we are glad the kit from Solong does. This type of power plays a major role in the machines’ consistent performance.

Besides that, a tattooing top foot pedal is available for you to initiate a power supply with foot whenever required. The extra clip cord is safe and reliable to work with suitable electrical input and output.

Its coil tattoo machine provides a perfect working voltage range that starts with 4V and peaks at 12V for work. Feel free to adjust it to match your diverse purpose of either lining or shading tattoos.

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– Diverse color set

1 Set 54 full colors
1 Set 54 full colors

In terms of ink colors, the kit includes 54 assorted bottles in 5ml. Some Solong tattoo ink reviews see this capacity as quite low, but these bottles have outnumbered many ink quantities in other sets.

These vibrant colors tattoo ink are positive shades that have all gone through a gamma-ray sterilization. They can create a brighter image for a majority of tattoos and retains pigmentation better on the skin.

The stainless steel holder with separated slots allows you to hold different ink cup sizes at once. Their manufacturer had mixed up 100 ink cups from size Small, Medium, to Large in one package.

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– Disposable tools

This kit also owns a wide range of high-quality products that are completely hygienic. They are either disposable or sterile to boost your confidence and the customer’s trust in your tattooing service.

Because there are 50 Pro sterile tattoo needles, you can have a versatile needle selection in assorted sizes. To ensure more hygiene in your working environment, use them with disposable hand gloves.

Moreover, the 10 mixed size 304 stainless steel tattoo tips are highly diverse to work with. It is best to use the 5-piece supplied tattoo head cleaning brush set on the tips after producing many tattoos.

Even its bulk of aluminum alloy tattoo grips come in 8 measurements for different artists to select the most suitable one. You do need to worry if your working style suits the kit or not.

– Other tattoo accessories

Besides the main gadgets, this tattoo kit also offers other high-quality products to help you pursue the true art of tattooing. The double-sided tattoo skin practice allows you to reuse it several times.

Its 50 O-ring rubber bands, grommets, and a set of tattoo gun adjust tools in 3 different sizes are highly beneficial for your work. There is an extra paper manual and online tattooing video to refer to as well.

Finally, the carrying case of this Solong Tattoo complete tattoo kit enables high portability and organization when traveling around. It ensures no small products go missing while you are out.

Overall Customer Review

It is good to read the Solong Tattoo Kit review from its last users to collect more opinions on the Solong Tattoo Kit. The smart machines and stable digital tattoo power are helpful for your tattoo business.

With a large bulk of 54 safe ink bottles, the set promotes you to create stylish tattooing from completely toxic-free ink. There are also other valuable accessories in the kit to own in tattoo studios.

The best news is that you do not have to worry much about prices when choosing this excellent tattoo kit by Solong. Though it includes a series of outstanding tools, the overall cost is perfectly reasonable.

Nonetheless, this accessories set for tattooing still contains certain flaws that require the manufacturer to make further improvements. This section addresses both its advantages and existing downsides.

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  • Ideal for lining and shading
  • Affordable price
  • A wide range of tools
  • Easy to install and use
  • Even ink dispersion


  • Power supply box may change voltage itself
  • Small-sized needles
  • Machine gun may overheat
  • Low ink capacity



Through this article, you will see that the Solong Tattoo Kit is one of the best beginner tattoo kits to start with. The powerful tattoo machines and their color variations are useful to make fine tattoos. Missing out on the Solong Tattoo Kit would be one of your biggest mistakes in your career. Almost all kinds of artists can benefit a lot from creating excellent tattoos with this kit.

We hope the Solong Tattoo Kit Review has supported you enough to discover such an optimal tattoo kit. Thank you for reading.

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