Stigma Lipstick Tattoo Machine Review – Great Features And Design

If you are a newbie in the tattoo industry, this Stigma Lipstick Tattoo Machine Review can be a good source of information to consult before making any investment.

When thinking of a brand that offers a wide range of excellent rotary tattoo machines on the market, Stigma stands out from the crowd.

Stigma is a world leader in the manufacturing of high-quality rotaries. Their machines provide maximum performance and achieve optimal results in lining, color packing, shading, blending, and layering.

Stigma Rotary B07R3ZTPXL Tattoo Machine is a lipstick tattoo machine recently released by this highly favored tattoo supply.

In today’s Stigma rotary tattoo machine review, we’ll provide you with detailed information about this product. So, let’s dive right in!

Pros And Cons Of Stigma Rotary Tattoo Machine Pen


This lipstick pen-style tattoo machine by Stigma is a high-quality and easy-to-use tattoo pen, making it a popular choice among tattooists.

Before going in-depth into the main features of this tattoo machine, it’s necessary to take a glance at the pros and cons.


  • Lightweight, easy-to-use
  • Japanese motor
  • Provides excellent saturation
  • Precise and adjustable needles stroke
  • Long ergonomic grip for better hold
  • Compatible with all standard cartridges needles


  • Requires quick maneuvering of the grip
  • Not so durable

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Highlight Features Of Stigma Lipstick Tattoo Machine

This Stigma rotary tattoo machine is one of the best models from the house of Stigma and has become a household name in the industry.  It’s a professional tattoo machine kit designed for tattoo artists who don’t have strong arms and tattooing experience.

Here are some important parameters:

  • Color available: Black and Red
  • Style: Lipstick Pen Style Tattoo Machine
  • Connector: RCA
  • Motor: Made in Japan
  • Operation Voltage: DC 10V: 6-9V for shading and 11V tor lining
  • Needle Protrusion: 0-0.18 inches
  • Length of Stroke: 0.14 inches
  • Dimension: Length: 4.69 inches mm and ⌀: 0.98 inches
  • Weight: 5.3 oz
  • Package Weight: 12.3 oz


Stigma rotary machines are made with Aircraft Aluminum Alloy structure and come in two colors – red and black – enhancing the product’s high-end appearance and versatility.

Stigma Lipstick Red EM123-2
Stigma Lipstick Black EM123-1

This model looks fashionable and has a pen-like shape, making it a great option for professional artists. Its close resemblance to an actual pen promises to promote a more precise tattoo process for all new and professional artists.

You will find this pen-style tattoo machine very comfortable to use. Compared to conventional machines, this model allows more convenient and accurate tattooing practices thanks to its size and shape.

Moreover, the comfort factor while using it enhances. You can have a firm grip easily on its outward coverage and a feel of holding an actual pen.

In just a few seconds, the stroke length of the machine can be adjusted from 0.12 to 0.15 inches. To do this, the artist only has to twist the fixed motor slightly.


Unlike coil tattoo machines, which are usually noisy during the tattoo session, this Stigma rotary machine features an advanced gearing device that facilitates easy, quiet operation.

The powerful motor ultra high speed made in Japan has given perfect working output to this machine; thus, it’s an ideal assistant to create the most precise tattoo artworks.

This quality tattoo machine allows additional clip cord connection, which aids in running smoothly and causing no problems in the long run. What a perfect tool in a grip!

Tattoo outcomes

This quality type of tattoo can create solid lines and handle light color-packing work. It enables you to create beautiful artworks for many customers to come.

Done by @hornet.eds

From beginner to professional, you can easily have a perfect tattoo outcome for your customers with this machine. The final results won’t disappoint you!

From the tattoo artist @santiagocuervoarte

Needle Range

The most important thing to consider when choosing a tattoo machine is needle range.  The Stigma Lipstick Tattoo Machine is compatible with all types of tattoo needle from other brands to serve different needs.

Thus, not only does this item produce regular tattoos, but it also supports aesthetic purposes. Additionally, it provides an adjustable needle depth ranging from 0-0.18 inches, enabling even beginner-level tattoo artists to create striking images at the desired depth.

Power Supply

The tattoo power supply gives the right power output to the machine. You can plug this one into any standard tattoo power supply.

The operating voltage ranges from 9V–11V. For shading features, you can use this machine at 6-9V. For lining purposes, it has a working voltage of 8-11V.

Remember not to run the machine higher than 11V, or else you’ll overheat the motor and cause mechanical damage.

Rechargeable Battery

This pen-type tattoo comes with two tattoo batteries to make sure that you can complete your work under any conditions.


This model receives a reputable CE marking as a conformation to health and safety standards for products sold in the European Economic Area. Therefore, you can rest assured that the product meets the beauty industry’s high standards.

Also, Stigma provides a one-year warranty promise on this product. It can be handy for both new and professional artists.


The Stigma lipstick is an affordable tattoo machine, making it an easy-going first investment for beginner tattooists or a budget-friendly back-up plan in your tattoo parlor.

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Overall Customer Reviews

One of the most efficient ways to know whether you should purchase an item is to refer to the previous Stigma lipstick tattoo machine review from other customers.

For the most part, customers perceive the machine positively due to its high value for the price. Level tattoo artists have complimented the machine on different criteria, which proves that the pen guarantees comfort to many thanks to its outstanding features.

Most beginners are satisfied with the product as well. This pen-style model is among the best beginner items to practice and become a professional tattoo artist shortly. Many novices have approved it to be the product you will need in the long run.

It is unavoidable that certain imperfect points may still exist in the operating process. Still, the Stigma pen-style rotary tattoo machine is truly worthy of your experience for at least once.






We hope that our article has provided you with useful information about the Stigma rotary tattoo machine.

After reading the Stigma Lipstick Tattoo Machine Review, it is clear that this tattoo machine is among the finest products for beginner and professional tattoo artists. You will benefit from this versatile rotary tattoo pen with many outstanding features.

After all, thank you for reading!

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