Owl Tattoo Meaning: Symbolism, Design & Placement


Most countries in the West worship the owl as a symbol. Therefore, it is not strange that European authors often include in their collections a character who is a wise old owl with glasses, responsible for preserving the books that recorded events happening around moral stories. As a result, those beliefs have inspired the next …

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What Is Phoenix Tattoo Meaning? This Post Will Show You All


Phoenix always stands out as the most legendary being among many mythical creatures in folks, myths, movies, and comics. The majesty and magnificence of Phoenix is the reason why many people favor its tattoo editions. In different cultures and fields, Phoenix has its meaning. Therefore, before deciding to put a Phoenix tattoo on your skin, …

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Sun And Moon Tattoo Meaning And Design Recommendations


People nowadays express themselves in various ways as much as possible, and one of them is through tattoos. Among popular and trending tattoos, sun and moon are the two top favorites due to their aesthetic beauty and insightful meaning. In this post, let’s dive deep into sun and moon tattoo meaning to gain more insights …

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Triangle With Eye Tattoo Meaning: All You Need To Know

Having a tattoo on your body is not a mere decoration. For some people, tattoos help them express their personalities and inner thoughts subtlely. This can be achieved by choosing carefully what images you wish to ink on your skin. If you wish to have a purposeful piece of art, consider the all-seeing eye. Not …

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Double Triangle Tattoo Meaning Explained (According To Orientation)


Double triangle tattoos are one of the most intriguing and mysterious choices of design. You can have many ways to combine the two triangles to get the meaning and connotations of your liking.  The triangle pointing upwards or downwards can be interpreted differently across cultures. That’s why you may want to know the double triangle …

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777 Tattoo Meaning (Explained With Stunning Tattoo Ideas)


Want to tattoo 777 but don’t know what it means? Today’s post will reveal 7 secret 777 tattoo meaning that you might not know. We would also suggest 6 stunning tattoo ideas you could try with the meaningful number of 777. Keep on reading for more information. *** Video: 777 Angel Number Meanings – What …

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25 Semicolon Butterfly Tattoo Meaning & Designs for Woman


If you are a fan of tattooing, semicolon butterfly designs should be no stranger to you. Not only are these pictures applicable to both men and women, but they also hold significant connotations that mark them as one of the most popular tattoo choices. So, what is the semicolon butterfly tattoo meaning? Are there any …

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333 Tattoo Meaning (Angel Number & Deeper Connotation)


If you’re just decided to get a 333 tattoo, you may seek the deeper meaning of your tattoo. So, are you about to find out about 333 tattoo meaning? Do you feel the existence of universal energies surrounding you within the tattoo? Then, don’t miss out on this article because here is what you need …

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222 Tattoo Meaning (Angel Number & What It Conveys)


If you’re having the thought of getting a 222 tattoo, you may wonder about its meaning since you have seen this number more than a coincidence several times.  So, do you desire to find out about 222 tattoo meaning? Do you feel the deeper connection and divine communication within the tattoo? Then, keep scrolling to …

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1111 Tattoo Meaning: 8 Connotations You May Not Know Yet


If you’re a fan of Jennifer Aniston, you’ve probably known that she sports an 1111 tattoo on her wrist. But don’t think it’s just a random number! This simple symbol bears several meanings, and as a tattoo, it could help you advance in life. Check out the 1111 tattoo meaning below!  1111 Tattoo Meaning: What …

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