Tattoo Stencil Stuff Alternatives: Best Options Of 2023

Before diving into the tattoo stencil stuff alternative, let’s have a look at these terms first. Stencil refers to a thin sheet with letters, patterns, or shapes cut out if it. 

Together, it constitutes a complete design. To transfer such a design from the stencil to the client’s skin, tattoo artists would have to use stencil stuff – a particularly creamy lotion. 

While stencil stuff is common in the industry, there are several options to try out if you wish to have a clean and crisp transfer.

Tattoo Stencil Stuff Alternative


If we are talking about tattoo stencil fluid alternative, consider using a combination of melted soap, deodorant, liquid antibacterial soap, and alcohol. When mixed and microwaved, these core ingredients create a liquid-y stencil mixture that allows you to work with your client’s tattoo blueprint.

On the other hand, there is always a tattoo stencil transfer gel alternative. These include Vaseline, organic aloe vera gel, and even organic coconut oil.

However, since using too many of these products can blur the transfer, make sure to keep your hands steady and controlling.


1. What can you use instead of stencil stuff?

If you have plenty of time and would like to create a unique formula for your stencil stuff, feel free to make a homemade one. There are tons of recipes on the Internet instructing you on the ingredients and proportions, so do not hesitate to look them up. 

That being said, most recipes require the use of deodorant, soap, water, and alcohol. All you have to do is to regulate how much to pour into the mixture, and ta-da, you’re good to go.

Still, since not everyone can afford such a complicated procedure, you can always turn to ready-made items. Vaseline or plant-based oil is sufficient enough.

2. What can I use to stick a tattoo stencil on?

Anything sticky enough to hold the tattoo stencil firmly on the skin will do the job. It ranges from deodorant, standard stencil fluid and gel, or Vaseline and plant-based oil.

But here’s a tip from experts: you should consider Speed Stick deodorant if you want an easy way in.

Firstly, the Speed Stick deodorant is in the form of a roll-on, saving you the hassle of applying the lotion to the skin using your fingers. It also helps to reduce the chances of cross-contamination.

Secondly, Speed Stick deodorants are particularly helpful in keeping the ink intact on the skin. Even if the tattooing process takes a long time, the stencil will remain where it is originally placed. 

3. How do you make homemade tattoo stencil stuff?

If you want to make homemade tattoo stencil stuff, make sure to prepare the following ingredients.

  • A bar of soap.
  • A stick deodorant.
  • Liquid antibacterial soap.
  • Water.
  • Several paper towels.
  • A microwave-safe glass container.
  • A bottle of rubbing alcohol.
  • Gloves and caps.
  • A spare bottle. 

Now, let’s move on to the step-by-step instructions.

Step 1: Wash your hands carefully and thoroughly with soap, and then sanitize them with a sanitizer. Put on your caps and gloves to minimize direct contact.

Step 2: Put the stick deodorant into the glass container after discarding its package. Set the microwave on medium and a timer of 30 seconds. Let the deodorant melt.

Step 3: Pour the melted deodorant into the spare bottle. The ideal amount should be around one-third.

Step 4: Slowly pour the rubbing alcohol into the bottle, filling one-third of it. Next, pour the liquid antibacterial soap in an equal amount.

Step 5: Close the lid of the bottle tightly. Shake the mixture until everything blends in. 

Step 6: If you want a direct application, you can leave the mixture in the bottle. But for easier usage, consider moving it to a spray bottle.

3. What is the green soap used in stencil stuff?

Sometimes, you will see green soaps listed as one of the main ingredients for both homemade and ready-made stencil stuff. Green soaps tend to be water-soluble, environmentally friendly, and veggie-based. 

These characteristics make them a favorable choice for the delicate skin of the client, and they do not pose much harm to the planet. Compared to other mixed soaps, green soaps are a much more sustainable option. 

4. What else is Vaseline used for in tattooing?

Vaseline acts as a natural guard for the skin while tattooing.

Apart from being a stencil gel, Vaseline is great at healing. Since the tattoo needle opens up several wounds, the body needs something protective to minimize scarring and dehydration. This is when a thin layer of Vaseline comes in handy.


Now that you have finished this article, you sure know more about tattoo stencil stuff alternative. While there are some readily available for purchase, you can always create your own at home. 

If you find the information interesting, feel free to share it with your fellow tattoo-lovers!

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