Tips For Beginner Tattoo Artist You Should Know In 2023

With the change and integration of cultures around the world, the perspective of tattooing has been different. Tattoos have become famous and beloved by many young people. Although there are still many prejudices, insiders have proved it to be a respectful art.

If you are also preparing to pursue this career and get stuck, then this article is for you. We are here to walk you through all tips for beginner tattoo artist. Let’s dive right into it now!

The Ultimate Tips For Beginner Tattoo Artist You Should Know
The Ultimate Tips For Beginner Tattoo Artist You Should Know

Tips for new tattoo artists

1. Have A Perfect Portfolio

An artist’s portfolio is the foundation for the client to consider whether they can hire you to fulfill their design needs or not. To be more specific, they allow you to draw a tattoo on their body. Your portfolio illustrates your skills, expertise, and talents.

As you show off your work, you are building clients’ confidence in your competencies. Let’s get real reviews from regular clients quoted in your design portfolio so that many new ones will feel more convinced and satisfied with you. This will ultimately bring you bigger customers.

For tattoo artists, clients’ trust is everything because the tattoo will stay on their bodies for a lifetime. Therefore, they will consider carefully before picking out a tattooist.

If you are not a professional graphic designer and don’t have enough money to hire one? Don’t worry too much about that.

Your goal is to turn the visitors of the portfolio page into clients. As such, you have to do your best to make your page look good. Please don’t turn it into a mess of images, which are challenging to read for the viewer.

Besides, let’s divide your tattoos into categories. For example, if there are designs for the neck, blue straps, or more sensitive body parts, just lay them on different pages with a large, easy-to-see header to differentiate them.

2. Purchase A Good Tattoo Kit

Preparing a basic and genuine tattoo kit is very important for any tattoo artist. It will help you create beautiful tattoos and ensure your clients’  safety. This kit includes a tattoo machine, tattoo needle, power supply, liner, and tattoo ink.

A complete basic tattoo kit
A complete basic tattoo kit

Quality products will avoid the risk of infection. These tools must be medically verified and undergo a thorough sterilization process. Otherwise, the infection can cause serious complications, including seizures, organ necrosis, anaphylaxis, or death.

Don’t let an unfortunate situation happen just because you regret your money and dare not invest in really good products. This is a decent long investment for any tattooist.

3. Improve Your Drawing Skill

Tattoo is also an art, which means you must know about aesthetics, beautiful images, color, creativity. These are the basic skills of graphic design.

Drawers will create works of art, paintings on paper. Meanwhile, beginner tattoo artist designs will create their works on human skin. Although there are many differences between making, we cannot deny both forms’ artistry.

Tattoo artists can rely a lot on computer assistance to help them complete tattoo images. That means you don’t necessarily have to possess superior drawing skills to create a tattoo.

However, it does not mean you do not need to know how to draw!

Of course, if you are a person with good drawing skills, it will be more helpful to learn and become a professional tattoo artist afterward. Once you have the gift of drawing in advance, you will have a more artistic aesthetic in color mixing, image composition, pieces, and more.

Sometimes machines may not convey your ideas properly; this is when you have to use your painting skills to complete tattoos for clients. Drawing practice also helps to make your hands more flexible and then create better lines.

4. Always Update New Trend

Keeping up with the trend
Keeping up with the trend is a must for anyone doing art.

These days, the world is constantly changing, and so is the taste of people. Social media is a great place for you to update and follow any trend worldwide, just with a click.

You need to know which designs are trending and attracting your audience. For example, a minimalistic, one-stroke tattoo is the top choice of young people. Thus, if you want these customers to choose, you have to master that technique. Besides, new tattoo techniques are also updated every day, and you need to understand and practice it right away so as not to fall behind.

What’s more, catching up with trends is also about suggesting ideas to your customers or marketing. Famous pickup lines or hot characters are also a type of tattoo that many people love.

5. Observe And Learn From Seniors

Seniors will show you all you need to know
Seniors will show you all you need to know

If you need to know about the process of creating a tattoo, let’s go straight to the most famous tattoo parlors and observe it carefully. Thus, you can be the one who experiences this process and records it most accurately.

What is more, remember to ask the tattooists, who are experienced enough in the profession. As a result, they understand what you are going through and are ready to guide.

Of course, you must also choose worthy teachers. If you seek guidance from someone who has only been in the game for a while, there is a high chance that you will fail.

6. Practice Everyday

In the beginning, you will encounter many problems, and the only way to fix them is to practice every day. This will help you familiarize yourself with different equipment and techniques to become as proficient as possible.

Practice Everyday tips for beginner tattoo artist

You can start drawing on the machine to get familiar with the layout, color mixing, and types of brushstrokes. However, the experience of drawing on paper and on a human body with a needle is completely different.

Therefore, you should prepare specialized simulation tools to practice (fake skin). Once you get used to your hands, everything becomes so easy.

And it is unacceptable to practice on customers when not qualified. Lack of skills can lead to tattoo damage or damage to the client’s body.

7. Have Fun With Your Work

Every job requires seriousness and caution, but it does not mean that you do not feel happy for this reason. A good mood will bring more inspiration, especially for art creators.

When you work joyfully, all the stress will be lessened, and you will have more energy to be creative. No doubt, your productivity will improve greatly. It is your passion for work that will make you constantly learn and lead you to success.

In Conclusion

Tattoo is an art depicted on the living organism. Therefore, the tattoo artist needs a lot of skill and practice for many years to reach the professional level. We do hope that We do hope that tattoo tips and tricks for beginners are of great help for you to become a pro tattooist. Thank you for reading. are of great help for you to become a pro tattooist. Thank you for reading.

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