What Happens When A Tattoo Artist Goes Too Deep? (Consequences Explained)

You might have heard that tattooing too deeply is terrible. But, do you know exactly what happens when a tattoo artist goes too deep? If that’s also what is in your mind, keep on reading. We’ll also answer a few related questions.  

What Happens When A Tattoo Artist Goes Too Deep?  

Question “Can a tattoo needle go too deep?” Yes, it can. However, it might come with lots of complications. 

The hypodermis is a layer of skin underneath the dermis. If your needle goes too deep, there is a higher risk of complications. Not only does the ink be more challenging to remove from the skin, but the tattoo will also be likely to fade faster.

You should also expect the tattooing procedure to be exceedingly unpleasant. Ink locked in the hypodermis may lead to infections or tattoo blowout, which occurs when the ink spreads around the fat tissue, ruining the tattoo’s design.

Blowout is a typical tattoo problem that arises whenever the tattooist sets the ink too deeply.

Blowouts are most often visible shortly after a tattoo is completed. However, some might take several weeks to appear. Blowouts are most common when a tattooist is new to the job, but they may also emerge when heavy inked.

A coverup is the only way to correct a blowout. However, if the blowout is minimal, the expert may be able to make a few simple tweaks to the tattoo to cover up the complication.

How Deep Is Too Deep When Tattooing? 

The tattoo tip penetrates 1/16th inch of the epidermis. That may not seem like a great deal of skin, but it goes through 5 skin layers, the dermal surface and the topmost part of the skin.

Sweat ducts, hair shafts, ligament tissues, fat, and blood veins are all found inside those layers.

The syringe goes under the skin and passes the epidermal-dermal border during the tattooing procedure, creating a pathway in the 2mm-thick dermis. This position is advantageous for several reasons: It will not create an open wound and is deep enough for the ink not to leak out.

Given that, you should fine-tune the tattoo needle’s head to guarantee that it penetrates the skin to the right level. Then, when you check your tattoo tip in the device, make sure that it only comes out about 2mm.

How Do You Know If Your Tattoo Is Too Deep? 

So, how do you know if your tattoo is overworked? The excretion will tell.

One to two days after getting a tattoo, your body will typically discharge minor blood and fluid. This will follow the scabbing phase, which will form a wall and halt the oozing while also preventing any outer debris or germs from accessing the site.

Severe tissue damages are possible if your tattooed site has been overworked. This will put a stop to the expected recovery phase. Is the site still exuding blood and fluid after a few days without scab forming? It may have been overworked. You may also notice significant crumbling and peeling with extra pigment.

What Does It Look Like When A Tattoo Is Too Deep? 

Another less precise way to tell whether your tattoo is too deep or not is to look at its color, physicality, ink distortion, and blurring.


The shade of a tattoo that has been overdone is a reliable sign. It may seem as follows:

  • Murky
  • Faded and dull
  • Deformed
  • Blurry

Tattoo Physicality

A tattoo that has been overworked may also be identified by its visual characteristics. Raised streaks or scars may also appear if the region has been excessively irritated and injured.

Ink Distortion And Blurring

Tattooists must exercise extreme caution while inserting the needle into the skin. The ink will disseminate into the nearby region if you go too deep. This dispersion is what causes the ink to seem smeared or fuzzy. Thus, if you notice any ink distortion or blurring, it might be because of an overworked tattoo.

[alert-success] Give your tattoo a few weeks to heal. Moisturize and keep it clean, then see what happens.[/alert-success]

What If The Needle Is Too Shallow? 

So, you learn that a tattoo syringe should penetrate the skin around 1/16th of an inch, and going deeper than that might cost a few problems. Now, you may be asking what occurs if the needle gets too shallow.

An epidermis is an unfavorable place for ink. It is not only open to the surroundings, but it also rejuvenates itself routinely after 3 weeks. This implies that any ink retained within this skin layer will dissolve and disappear.

Furthermore, any bleeding that happens as the syringe departs from the skin and ink is absorbed will force additional ink outward. If the ink is injected too deeply beneath the skin, all the pigment will be gone before the tattoo has even had the time to cure. The best-case scenario is a fading tattoo that will vanish quickly.

Wrapping Up 

Now, you know what happens when a tattoo artist goes too deep, and a few signs indicate an overworked tattoo. But don’t worry! Selecting an experienced and trustworthy tattooist will guarantee a pleasant tattooing session. Thus, pay attention to that, and you’ll be good.

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