What To Do Before Getting A Tattoo? Ultimate Checklist

Tattooing is a fun but painful experience. If you want to have a successful tattoo experience without pain, here are a few things for you to prepare in advance.

Let’s find out first tattoo checklist

Things To Do Before Getting a Tattoo

1. Provide Enough Water For Your Body

 Before getting a tattoo, you need to stay hydrated.  It’s best to drink plenty of water within 24 hours before getting the tattoo and avoid dehydration.

When your skin is thoroughly moistened, the condition is better with the tattoo. This means that the skin surface will absorb tattoo ink more quickly, making it more accurate than when being tattooed on dehydrated skin.

2. Do Not Use Blood Thinners

To limit bleeding during the tattooing process, you had better avoid using blood thinning products 24 hours before you get a tattoo. At the same time, drinking alcohol is not acceptable as well.

Besides, some experts also suggest you not to take aspirin pain relievers for 24 hours before tattooing. The reason is that Aspirin thins the blood, causing more bleeding than usual.

3. Wear Comfortable Clothes

It is a must to wear comfortable clothing to ease the discomfort of tattooing. If you want to get a tattoo in a spot where you usually wear discreet clothing, you should put on comfortable clothes that make it easy to access the tattoo site.

For example, for desiring tattoos on your legs, let’s wear shorts or short skirts so that the tattooist can easily do his/her job. Similarly, if your desired tattoos are on the biceps, a sleeveless shirt will be an ideal choice.

4. Eat Before Getting Tattooed

You must provide adequate nutrition before seeing the tattoo artist so that you do not get dizzy when you tattoo. Tattoos are painful, so don’t worsen pain from dizziness or fainting.

Moreover, eating well before getting a tattoo will provide you with stable energy and strength to withstand the pain of tattooing.

The tattoo is going on for many hours, so you’d better bring some fast food, such as oatmeal. The tattoo designer will be happy to take a little break so that you can stay in good condition.

5. Careful Skincare

You don’t need to take perfect skincare before getting a tattoo. If your skin is dry, just moisturize it with the cream you usually use for a week before the tattoo to get the standard one.

Besides, it is not good to let the tattoo site get tanned. That’s why you should apply sunscreen whenever you go outside.

6. Think Carefully About Your Desired Tattoo Design

Tattoos often reflect a part of who you are, so it is the best way to reveal yourself. As such, let’s think about the symbol or shape you want to own before applying it.

Besides, it is a must to consider the size of the tattoo. If you get a tattoo for the first time, get the small one first. This will help you experience the pain and know how you will react to it when tattooing.

7. Take Care After Getting A Tattoo

You need to keep the tattoo away from water and sunlight for several weeks after the tattoo. This means that you should plan when it is necessary to get the tattoo ready for recovery.

For example, if you are going on a vacation with lots of swimming activities, you should not get your tattoo right before your trip.

Notes After Tattooing

To be able to own a beautiful tattoo, not only do you need a good technician, but you need to know some basic knowledge of tattoo care.

Wash With Antibacterial Water

You should wash the tattoo area with antibacterial water twice a day and gently dry with a tissue. However, don’t let the tattoo get wet after two weeks. Remember to avoid the skin around it while taking a bath.

Do Not Sunbathe

You also should not sunbathe as the sun can fade new tattoos. Also, it is essential to avoid touching the tattoo to limit bacterial infection when exposed.

Use Lotion Regularly

It is recommended that you use an unscented lotion to keep your tattoo hydrated and won’t fade quickly.

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