What To Do if Tattoo Lines Are Too Thick?

Thicker lines after tattooing are often resulting from incorrect tattooing techniques by inexperienced artists, also known as blowouts. 

Tattoo Blowout
Tattoo Blowout

A tattoo blowout occurs when the artist exerts too much pressure on the skin, which can cause the tattoo ink to seep more deeply into the skin, into the fat layer, to be exact. The result is that the tattoo lines come out bigger, thicker, and blurrier than they’re supposed to be. As a result, the tattoo will look imprecise, and the ink will spread beyond the initial lines of the tattoo.

Fortunately, you can correct thick tattoo lines by these two methods:

→ Tattoo cover-ups: Cover-ups are a popular way to fix a tattoo blowout. However, your new tattoos need to be fully healed before you can attempt to cover them up, which often means at least 2 months.

For the best result, you are better off reaching out to a more reputed and reliable tattoo artist than the one who causes you the blowout.

→ Laser: Laser therapy can completely eliminate the thick lines caused by a blowout. However, this option will set you back more money than a cover-up, and it requires multiple removal sessions to remove the thick lines fully.

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