Important Notes: What To Eat Before Getting A Tattoo?

The process of getting a tattoo will cause some minor wounds on your delicate skin. Typically, most people wrongly think that they only need to look after their tattoo area carefully after getting it done. However, this is such a wrong way of thinking. 

In fact, eating prior to the tattoo is also essential, and in this post, we will guide you on preparing a diet well. Now, no need to waste time; let’s dive right in with our post to know what to eat before getting a tattoo.

What To Eat Before Getting A Tattoo

Preparation before getting a tattoo is very important.


First of all, please drink enough water and don’t let your body feel thirsty. We know it’s nothing new, but for the tattoo process, getting yourself hydrated is indeed essential. 

To be specific, water ensures the flow of blood cells and gets your skin more dense and firm. Once you drink plenty of water, the ink gets into the skin more easily and you will get less bleeding during the tattoo. 

Supposing this is your first tattoo, then we suggest you bring some water bottles to the tattoo appointment to help you decrease stress. In case you don’t know what to do while waiting for your turn, drinking water will release the bore and keep energy for your body.

You must drink a lot of water.


Protein plays a huge role in enhancing the immune system and limiting infection. The more protein your body proceeds, the less pain you feel at the tattoo wound. Besides, adding protein before tattooing will provide energy and keep your mind alert during the tattooing process.

You can find protein in fish and lean meats such as beef, lamb, pork, and poultry such as chicken, turkey, or duck.

Vitamin C

The next supplement you should consider for meals is vitamin C. Besides healing the wound of the tattoo, this kind of vitamin is useful for antioxidants. Particularly, vitamin C is still beneficial for the body after getting a tattoo.

Fruits usually contain a lot of natural vitamin C. You can find high vitamin C sources in citrus fruits like oranges and grapefruits. Additionally, broccoli and kale contain the same amount of vitamin C as fruits.

Aside from mineral water, it’s also a good idea to make cool juice from fruits, providing both water and vitamins. A small tip is do not add sugar because it will take longer to heal the tattoo wound.

Zinc Supplements

Zinc is excellent in swelling treatment. Therefore, if you eat lots of zinc supplements, your skin may not be bloated as much after the tattoo process.  Besides, thanks to zinc supplements, the tattoo area can easily get in shape, and the sore area will heal quickly. 

As zinc requires time to transform, you must include it in your diet before tattooing rather than waiting until the tattoo process is complete.

Seeds help provide an abundant amount of zinc for your tattoo.

So, which foods contain zinc? 

Meat, in fact, is a rich source of zinc. You can also try to cook some dishes from legumes with chickpeas, lentils, or beans. Some products made from seeds, eggs, or whole grains are high in zinc, indeed.

Other Notes: Avoid Or Limit Some Elements

Besides those useful substances, we will note some elements that you should consider to avoid or limit.

Salt And Dairy Products

As we all know, dairy products support a lot of protein for the body, and salt helps balance fluids in your blood and maintain blood pressure. However, an excess of salt and dairy can cause bloating, altering the look of your skin. Even worse, your tattoo won’t look the same if your tattoo area shrinks back because it is stretched or swollen.

As a result, you should restrain salt and dairy products in your meal before getting a tattoo. Try to limit butter, cheese, milk, and ice cream as much as possible.


We know caffeine is a stimulant, and people enjoy it to keep them awake. However, caffeine is not an encouraging substance if you want to get a tattoo. It raises your heart rate, which will lead to an unsettled feeling.

Caffeine is commonly present in coffee, espresso, and tea. This substance can also be found in soda and energy drinks, two of the most popular refreshers, and cocoa-based drinks and sweets. So, please avoid these drinks before getting tattooed.

Coffee is not a great drink to have before getting tattooed.


Alcohol is not beneficial for your blood in the tattoo process because it consumes a lot of water in your body to proceed, causing dehydration. Additionally, alcohol will thin your blood during the tattooing process and lead to more bleeding than normal.

Therefore, as soon as you have an appointment to get a tattoo, it’s time to stop adding alcohol into the body. If you love drinking, let’s enjoy it after you get a perfect tattoo.

You should not drink alcohol before getting a tattoo.


Should we add sugar to the meal due to the energy it supports? 

Actually, it’s half-half. Sugar can provide energy to maintain the body’s activities. On the other hand, it will lengthen the time to recover your wound. Thus, we advise you not to eat much candy or cakes before your tattoo appointment. 

Sugar is also available in dairy products or drinks. If you have a party, you need to limit sugar sources in the treat.


If you get pain and need aspirin to release the pain, you should delay getting a tattoo. After taking aspirin, we recommend you take a rest for 24 to 48 hours. Basically, such medicine will thin the blood and cause you to bleed more easily than normal. In case you have scheduled an appointment, please wait until your body has eliminated the aspirin.

Short Summary

Honestly, you should know what to eat before getting a tattoo to ensure proper preparation for the tattoo process, and we hope our post is of great assistance to you. Drinking a lot of water, adding protein, vitamin C, and zinc will help your tattoo be perfect. Besides, don’t feel annoyed if you have to skip some favorite food because it’s good for tattoo recovery.

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