Unveil The Myths: Why Do Tattoo Artists Have Bad Tattoos? (And Many More)

There are several mouth-spread myths about tattoo artists, such as that they have terrible tattoos on their bodies or bad personalities. In today’s article, we’ll look into those myths and try to figure out the truth behind them. Find the answer to  “Why do tattoo artists have bad tattoos?” and more questions now.  

Why Do Tattoo Artists Have Bad Tattoos? 

It sounds ironic, but yes, many tattoo artists (even professional ones) have bad tattoos on their bodies (even several ones). So, why do tattoo artists have such bad tattoos?

There are some terrible tattoos on many tattooists.

According to most artists we interviewed, there are such tattoos on them because these artists tattooed themselves and mostly when they were still beginners. 

Inexperience plus the difficulties when inking on your body by yourself explains a lot! 

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Why Are Tattoo Artists So Rude? 

It’s the same in any field; a few guys are disrespectful, while everyone else is the polar opposite and is so polite. You should not cast aspersions on someone before speaking with them. To get on well with your tattooist, here are 3 most notable things: 

Don’t Have Unrealistic Expectations

Whenever a client walks in with unrealistic expectations, it causes a tattooist to become frustrated and irked.

Unrealistic expectations can piss off your tattoo artist.

They may want a concept or a work of art that doesn’t go well with their body structure. Sometimes, they may choose to have a massive inkwork finished in a short time or at a lower cost than is recommended.

The specialist understands what can be done and how long it’d take or how much it would charge. Spend the effort to chat with them if you want to learn more.

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Appreciate Their Work

Many people turn up at a tattoo shop with a slew of pictures downloaded from the web and demand an exact copy. However, remember that tattooists are artists, and artists have their egos when it comes to arts. Thus, they’ll value the clients that take the time to look at their artwork and see what they can achieve.

They would like to showcase their skills and thank you for selecting one of their artworks. If you already got your ideas, they will be pleased to meet and discuss what works best for you, making suggestions for the best outcome.

Show Your Respect

Respect is an excellent skill everybody should practice. Everybody should be served with respect, regardless of who they are or with whom they are working.

Remember that respect goes both ways.

You will notice that if you approach your tattooist with respect, they will respond the same way.

What Tattoos Do Tattoo Artists Hate? 

Not Knowing What You Want

Customers that enter a tattoo shop asking the tattooist to create a great tattoo with no ideas or clues are perhaps the worst nightmare imaginable.

Indeed, heading to the facility with no idea what you want and rejecting all tattooist ideas is a no-no. Instead, before having a tattoo, the customer should get a vision of what they want; the tattoo artist will work with the ideas to develop the final design.

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Bringing The Entire Friend Group

Going to an ink appointment with a friend is OK; no tattoo parlor will complain about that. However, many customers take their entire entourage of friends, which usually causes disturbance in the studio.

Most tattoo shops are small.

To begin with, most tattoo parlors aren’t big. Your companions might occupy too much area, which might be bothersome to the tattooist. A tattoo shop is neither a coffeehouse nor a club, so only arrive with one or two friends or strive to go to your tattoo appointment alone.

Wanting Other People’s Tattoos

Telling a tattooist to replicate another tattooist’s artwork is not only impolite but also insulting and, in certain countries, prohibited as copyright violations. Moreover, the consumers might get the tattooist in hot water by stealing somebody’s artistic work without asking for consent.

Have we said that many clients try to cover up the fact that the artwork they choose is the creation of another tattoo artist? Unfortunately, many do lie about these things, and tattooists hate this.

Change Your Mind The Day Of The Appointment

What do tattoo artists hate the most? It’s…

  • Canceling or postponing the session without a legitimate cause: Many guys cancel or rearrange the meeting simply because they can, which is quite impolite. But, of course, in the case of emergencies, the tattooist will usually seek a convenient reschedule session.
  • Asking to redo the tattoo’s drawing right before getting the tattoo: this may be among the worst things a customer could do. It’s impolite to change your decision regarding your tattoo shortly before you get it done.

Of course, nobody should be forced to get a tattoo they don’t like, but overall, customers have lots of time to reconsider their ideas before arranging the final tattoo session.

Furthermore, in the case of customized tattoos, changing the ideas at the shop right before getting a tattoo would frequently push the customer to the bottom of the waitlist.

Wrapping Up 

Now, you know the answer to “Why do tattoo artists have bad tattoos?” and other questions. Hopefully, our post has helped you understand tattoo artists more. Have other questions? Comment down below, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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