Why Do Tattoo Artists Only Take Cash?

Many cashless payment forms were born in modern life, allowing you to pay for everything without cash. So it must be surprising if you go to a store that only accepts cash payments.

This situation may happen if you have gone to get a tattoo without bringing cash and then had to withdraw. It is irritating and hard to understand why do tattoo artists only take cash.

This article will give you an overview of why tattoo artists refuse card payments. Let’s check the information below.

Why Do Tattoo Shops Only Take Cash?

There are many motivations surrounding the fact that tattoo parlors only accept cash. However, the following are some of the most common reasons tattoo shops exclusively accept cash. 

Not everyone knows that the store that accepts your credit card pays fees from the credit card companies every time you swipe it. This flat fee is relatively high, ranging from 1.5% to 4%.

A quality tattoo usually costs quite a bit. If tattoo shops accept card payments, tattoo shops can pay a considerable fee for their artworks. When you work in a sector with a high rate of chargebacks, you have to pay considerably higher transaction fees, cutting your profits even more.

Further, customers are far too likely to regret their purchases and request a charge dispute with their bank, leaving the shop with no option but to refund the money and no way to recover their product.

Another reason these stores refuse to accept credit or debit cards is the paper trail of income which can be used as proof of income and as a basis for tax calculation. On the other hand, cash payments help tattoo shops avoid tax or even tax evasion because it is hard to prove the cash payments. Moreover, small and medium-sized stores are not the object of tax authorities to waste time and effort.

Should You Pay Your Tattoo Artist In Cash?

Yes. You should pay your tattoo artist in cash. It depends on the circumstances in which you are tattooing. If the tattoo shop you trust only accepts cash, the only way is to pay in cash. 

However, if you have many options for the payment method, we encourage you to pay by card to reduce tax fraud in these businesses.

Do Most Tattoo Artists Require A Deposit? 

Yes, almost all tattoo artists require a deposit. A deposit takes a role as a guarantee to ensure that the artist will be available on that specific day and time. The client must also commit to turning up on that day and time as part of the agreement.

Artists are paid for the piece of art they create for you instead of paid-for hours when they work. Therefore, the artist would be stuck with wasted time and gain nothing if they are not working due to a canceled appointment. Therefore, the deposit will help ensure the client shows up on time, and in the event, the client does not show up, the tattoo artist can keep the deposit as the cost of wasting time.

Finally, there is no need to be concerned because the tattoo shop will use the deposit for the overall cost of your tattoo. This way intends to inform both that a tattoo is coming.

Can You Use A Credit Card On A Tattoo?

Yes. Even credit cards are often not accepted for tattoos, this is still not the case everywhere, and it all depends on various circumstances and where you go. 

The average tattoo costs around $100 or more. Thus many customers usually try to pay with a credit card rather than cash because of not use or carry very little cash. 

However, even if the tattoo artist takes credit cards, it is still not a good idea to pay for your body’s artwork with one. Because many people find it costs them much more than if you had paid in cash when you consider all the interest charges and extra late fees you may pay.

How Much Do You Tip A Tattoo Artist?

Tattooing, like every other industry, has its own culture. Tipping is an essential element of tattoo etiquette. 

While tipping is not required, it is recommended, especially if you want to form strong ties with your artists. A tip is politeness that expresses your gratitude for the time, effort, and expertise put into your tattoo by the tattoo artist.

Typically, the standard amount to tip is 10 – 20% of the total tattoo cost. Consider this a starting point; some tattoos may take more or less effort than others. There is no one-size-fits-all tipping choice.

Tipping is and has always been a personal choice. You can forego tipping them if you have a legitimate reason not to or if the quality of the ink is not up to par. Most artists are pretty understanding and do not make a big deal when saying no.

Although cash is the recommended method of tipping a tattoo artist, some clients like to bring little presents to tattoo artists to express their thanks. If you bring a present to your tattoo artist, you should still give a cash tip on top of the gift.


Hopefully, you can reach out to why tattoo parlors have specific payment methods through this article. Last but not least, to avoid unnecessary inconvenience and make sure your appointment goes smoothly, you can contact the tattoo parlor and ask them for necessary information such as payment and deposit before you come to get a tattoo

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